Merchandise Contracts Specialist

Merchandise Contracts Specialist
El Dorado, AR

Job Description

The Merchandise Category Specialist will be responsible for the comprehensive contract management within Beverage and Center Store Categories. The specialist will collect and organize all vendor contracts annually; contained within these contracts are funding agreements that the specialist will input, track, measure and validate monthly. The specialist will develop a process to execute the comprehensive oversight of all contracts and vendor funding. The specialist will measure the impact to cost of goods and track margin rate and margin dollars within Beverages, Candy, Snacks and General Merchandise categories.

1. Perform data mining, product level sales reporting, margin projections and growth projections.

2. Develop relationships with key vendors to ensure accuracy and timeliness of inventory cost changes, annual contracts, and promotional funding.

3. Execute annual pricing reviews with Pricebook, by category.

4. Collect and organize all vendor contracts annually. Tracking funding monthly within these agreements.

5. Regular review and analysis of the cost/retail position of the categories. Identify and resolve cost discrepancies and partner with MUSA accounting to resolve issues on invoice costs.

6. Field and respond to product assortment and planogram opportunities and questions voiced by the local sales and operations teams that impact specific store locations.

7. Conduct initial setup and ongoing maintenance of invoicing and account receivables.

8. Perform any other related duties as required or assigned.

Broad knowledge of such fields as accounting, marketing, business administration, finance, etc. Equivalent to a four year college degree, plus 2 years related experience.

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