National Contact Center Agent I

National Contact Center Agent I
El Dorado, AR

Job Description

The NCC Agent will assist Murphy USA sites that call the National Contact Center for assistance. Assistance can include any issues at the location including paperwork, computer, pumps, register system, credit card systems, satellite connectivity, external refrigeration, heat or a/c, or any number of technical or mechanical issues that may arise. NCC Agents take phone calls, many of which are legitimate emergencies, and either solve the problem themselves, assist the caller in solving the problem, or escalate the problem to an Assistant Manager or a vendor.

1. Answer calls from Sites and Vendors, analyze issues, instruct callers on solution or escalate to vendor or other department.

2. Document and process tickets.

3. Determine when to send a technician out to site locations. There is a cost associated with these decisions and substantial savings by decreasing the use of third party vendors.

4. Timely resolution of problem escalation to positively impact customer service at the store level, employee relations and loss of sales if not handled properly.

5. Analyze technical issues at locations on a timely basis to decrease repair time of technical issues and prevent sales decreases.

6. Work with co-workers to address escalating problems for resolution, helping in areas of expertise.

7. Interact with operations/store personnel to resolve issues at site level, escalate store issues to District Manager.

8. Contact with Vendors when self maintenance and repair is impossible.

9. Perform any other related duties as required or assigned.

High school or GED, plus specialized schooling and/or on the job education in a specific skill area; e.g. data processing, clerical/administrative, equipment operation, etc, plus 12 to 18 months related experience and/or training. Or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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