Senior Manager, Fuel Pricing

Senior Manager, Fuel Pricing
El Dorado, AR

Job Description

Maximize fuel profitability and to establish business plan on how to compete with local, regional, and state level competitors. Manage fuel pricing and marketing of all fuels at over 400+ locations against 2000+ local competitors as well as competitors outside the local area with .4 million competitor price surveys annually. Analyze potential new site development and forecast volume and margin. Forecast future growth volume and margin. The role also requires an ability to capture new opportunities and be able to evaluate their relevance to the company's value proposition.

1. Support the Fuels Department in translating MUSA's corporate value proposition into a structured pricing strategy.

2. Define key pricing KPIs and success targets.

3. Work closely with sales to understand market reactions to defined list prices and determine key list price adjustments necessary across products.

4. Establish clear guidelines and optimal frequency for adjusting list prices based on changes in costs or other market dynamics.

5. Analyze historical data and market dynamics to establish clear guidelines to ensure alignment of key stakeholders.

6. Establish communication guidelines to ensure optimal communication of price changes.

7. Establish clear price approval & deal escalation processes, define approval authorities, and review approval processes annually.

8. Manage daily pricing position (differentials), volume and margin.

9. Ensure compliance with regulations and laws pertaining to fuel marketing and pricing.

10. Develop strategies / guidelines to improve price KPIs and ensure stakeholder alignment.

11. Perform any other related duties as required or assigned.

Broad knowledge of such fields as accounting, marketing, business administration, finance, etc. Equivalent to a four year college degree, plus 6 years related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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